Dawn McCabe, Wedding Cake Creator

My particular passion is handmade sugar flowers. They suit all styles of cake - from lustred to marbled, ruffles to buttercream, lace to metallic and even naked to semi-naked ! They do take a lot of time and skill to make, but oh boy are they show stoppers. It makes me smile when couples tell me their guests thought they were real flowers.


Hi, I'm Dawn and I have the most amazing  job, designing and baking wedding cakes. It's such a special part of the celebration, so it's very important that it looks fabulous and tastes amazing.

I home bake all my cakes to order, with 11 delicious flavours to choose from. So do check out my Facebook page and if you like what you see arrange to come along and visit my studio in Downpatrick, see and sample my work, and discuss with me your ideas for your special day.